Musha Shugyo, an explanation

Musha Shugyo, an explanation

We choose the Ronin as our model because we wanted to emphasize the hero as cast out, a solo protagonist seeking to become what he is, but only discovering this toward the end of his quest.

A Ronin must first train for excellence as a warrior, and then will be tested by the adversities of his adventurer. In the movie The Matrix Neo learns martial arts, and then receives lessons in perception .


The movie, The Matrix is selected for several reasons. The protagonist, Neo, is the quintessential hero, wretched from a life of dissatisfaction, and hurled into his adventurer.

For our purposes the Matrix he faces is analogous to a worldview. He is given a Red Pill which vomits him from one worldview to another. You will have to work harder at it, if you choose the Red Pill we offer.

We consider that you are either on a pilgrimage or you are going nowhere, very much like a steer eating grass until it goes to the feedlot is going nowhere, or the average TV watcher following the lines and sobering the signs.

Without the posture and feedlot the steer would avoid castration and become a wild bull, even as a man who had to make his own way would be more noble as he respected the efforts of others, for having made his own. 

For most of us, life is relatively easy, and to find the challenges which would develop us, we must search. It’s as if a falcon had a lifetime supply of food so that it never had to leave the nest and fly. It would have to purposely choose to stand on the edge of the nest, then cast itself off into the void.

This is the falcon taking the Red Pill, and beginning his Hero’s Journey.

Musha Shugyo provides the resources to equip you for your quest. The Ronin quests for the ability to devote the totality of his being to his purpose unhindered by fear, ego, doubts, or laziness. You accomplish it not just because it is important, but because it’s important to be able to.

When we see this heroism in others, our respect is aroused as is our admiration. We wish to follow such people and emulate them.

To become such a person should be the purpose of your pilgrimage.